The American singer, actress, producer, and businesswoman has always stunned us with her achievements. She is a popular Disney actress who rose to fame by starring in multiple shows. In comparison, her catchy voice attracts the most attention. Her unique and captivating voice has made us go drooling over her songs. Also, it’s difficult to say no to her amazing music. She has proved her versatility in different genres of music, among which Electronic Dance Pop is one of her best genres. And if you have just heard those songs, check them out immediately.

Selena Gomez’s Electronic Dance Pop Songs

  1. Wolves: It is an award-winning song by Selena in 2017, along with Marshmello. It has also won a MuchMusic Video Award for Fan Fave Single. It is a perfect dance song for every night party; include them in your list.
  2. Ice-cream: Selena’s one of the best songs. She collaborated with the world-famous girl K-pop band Blackpink. However, they won no awards but got nominated for Golden Disc Award and others. It was released in 2020 and is the best party song for a girl’s night out.
  3. Come & Get It: Selena is consistent in winning hearts with her beats and pop music. Selena’s electronic dance pop-in voice sounds perfect and a must-pick for every high-energy party time. This song was released in 2013, and still, people love to listen.
  4. Slow Down: Once again, a dance-pop to make your party time more energetic, dancing to Selena Gomez’s song. This song was released in 2013 from the album Stars Dance.
  5. Rare: Dancing relieves us, while the syncing music is like a cherry on the cake. Her songs have lyrics and beats that make us feel high on songs. It was released during the pandemic time in 2020.

The song is, as the name suggests, ‘Rare.’

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