Check these songs out by Justin Bieber for your perfect Quarantine playlist!

Make A Playlist Of Justin Bieber’s These Songs In Quarantine!

Justin Bieber, the 26-years old pop sensation, is regarded as one of the best music artists in the Hollywood industry. He has got a number of singles hit from his well-known albums. Justin has recently dropped his brand new album, Changes (2020). He has also released his new song, Stuck with U (2020), with Ariana Grande, during this quarantine.

If you are looking for some great songs for your quarantine playlist, then Justin Bieber has got some really great songs for you. Go and listen to them!

  1. Stuck with U (2020)
  2. Intentions (2020)
  3. Habitat (2020)
  4. Yummy (2020)
  5. I Don’t Care (2019)
  6. Love Yourself (2015)
  7. What Do You Mean? (2015)
  8. Company (2015)
  9. Boyfriend (2012)
  10. Baby (2009)