Do you know Darshan Raval is the next big trend in the Bollywood music industry? Here’s why...

Meet Darshan Raval – a multi-talented singer and composer, lyricist, actor and performer

Darshan Raval has already stirred a storm in the Bollywood industry. And so when talking about Darshan, if you are all blank and don’t have the slightest clue of who he is. Then you have been living under a rock. He is perfectly all geared up to rule the B-town music with his melodic voice.

Darshan Raval has not just hit the right chord of music but also the hearts of many people making them swoon all over him. A true piece of work. His romantic hit was Tera Zikr to have crossed 100 million views. He is mostly known for his romantic and heartbreak songs.

Darshan Raval to your surprise is not just a singer but also a composer, lyricist, actor, and performer. Yes, people, that’s how much talented he is. A well-polished human not just for his skills but also those looks that could get you all drooling.

A hot spiced masala romance singer Darshan Raval knows just right how to take his audience by storm with his spectacular tracks. A guy who is made to rule.

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