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A comparison between Neha Kakkar and Arijit Singh, who is the richest?

Neha Kakkar VS Arijit Singh: Who’s The Richest Bollywood Singer?

Neha Kakkar’s voice is pure bliss. She struggled hard and became one of the most recognized and appreciated voices in the music industry. After years of hard work and efforts, she finally set her career as a singer. From a simple girl to becoming one of the most looked up to artists, she has had her fair share of name and fame. She is a dhamaka sensational singer, with the majority of her songs being huge hit numbers.

Neha Kakkar has achieved fame, and success has no limits and has earned herself a fortune of around 3 Million USD ( 24.75cr INR approx). She charges a fee between 8-10 lakh per song, say media reports.

Arijit Singh will give you literal chills when listening to his blissful soothing voice. He is called the King of heartbreak numbers, but when you hear him sing, each of his tracks is enchanting and will agree that he is the King of the music industry. A voice that perfectly synchronizes with the hearts of masses. His voice is amazingly heavenly, which lets us get lost into the abyss of melody. No wonder people claim him to be the King of the present music industry.

Arijit Singh is known for his philanthropic and social work. He charges 1.5cr for a forty-five-minute show. He has an incredible fortune of the net worth of 8 million dollars, of which he charges 10-15 lakh songs per movie, as per the media reports.

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