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Who has the most vivid voice amongst Neha Kakkar and Neha Bhasin?

Neha Kakkar VS Neha Bhasin: Bollywood Singer With Boldest Voice Tone

Two Neha’s one Kakkar another Bhasin. Both have made a permanent mark on the music industry. Their music is we all crave and who, according to you, has the most distinct voice.

Neha Kakkar began her journey with the Meet Bros and has come a long way since then. She is known to have a unique voice that can reach an E5 note. And the best part about her contralto vocal range is that she learned and developed her styles and techniques. She has had no formal education in the musical field, and whatever she delivers to us currently is solely based on what she taught herself.

Neha Kakkar is known to make efforts and make every song sound distinct and unique though they fall under the same genre making sure they won’t be stereotyped. Cheez Badi, Manali Trance, Dilbar are a few of the fantastic hits.

Neha Bhasin made her debut being a part of band Viva. She is currently known for her Punjabi and Hindi hits. She has won several awards for her incredible voice since her debut in 2007 in Bollywood. She has also had a collaboration with Emcee Jesz that had the majority of views on YouTube. The song was an instant hit and loved by the masses. Aakhein Milayenge Darr Se, Dil Diyan Gallan, Swag Se Swagat are some of her great hits, making her the boldest singer in the industry.

Who is your favorite Neha? Neha Kakkar or Neha Bhasin. Vote Now.

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