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Here we have another simple fun-filled Darshan Raval game for you. Tap to play

READ The Lyrics And GUESS Darshan Raval’s Song!

Darshan Raval is the chikna chora we’ll die for. He is a man with not just talents but also good looks that makes every girl go crazy. He not just sings and composes his songs but also writes them. Can this guy get any more amazing?

If you are a die-hard fan of Darshan Raval, then here are a few lyrics from his popular songs. Guess which song they belong to. There’s just one rule and that is don’t cheat. Good luck!

1. Surat Se Seedha Ahmadabad Aaya

Khelne Ke Liye Sang Dandiya Bhi Laaya

Tell Me Baby Girl

What Is Your Name Che

Pehli Nazar Mein Ho Gaya Hai Tumse Prem Che

2. Teri Aankhon Ki Gehraai Mein

Samaa Gaye Hain Hazaron Gham

Jo Inme Mila Hai Sukoon Mujhe

3. Main Jitni Baar Milun

Mujhe Kam Hi Lagta Hai

Dil Seedha Saada Tha

Ab Sanki Lagta Hai

4. Ye Baatein Adhoori Reh Jaayegi

Tum Aur Main Adhoore Reh Jayenge Kaash Aisa Bhi Hota

Tum Mere Hote

5. Kya Thi Meri Khata Tum Saza Ho Gaye

Mujhe Khone Ke Baad Ek Din Tum Mujhe Yaad Karoge

Did you get them all? Tell us in the comments below. And for more stay tuned to

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