Here's a reason why Darshan Raval has two best buddies, and they are music and fashion

Reasons Why Darshan Raval Is A Musical-Fashion BFF

Darshan Raval is a celebrity for his phenomenal voice and amusing fashion statements. Since his Raw Star days, he has gained millions of fans for his soulful voice. His voice makes everyone drop what they are doing and enjoy the moment. He is one of the most irresistible singers in the music industry. He always believes in becoming the “Darshan Raval” and not replacing someone else’s name in the industry.


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Though Darshan Raval did not go under any official training, he is an incredible singer and is very passionate about singing. He trained himself how to play guitar through YouTube tutorials, and also he is a very hardworking fella. The one to be deeply admired and acknowledged and even his songs must be listened to at least once in a lifetime.

Darshan Raval has millions of fans, but music is not the only thing that is his buddy. He has an excellent fashion sense, as well. And time and again on his Instagram, he keeps proving the point. And so there’s no surprise if we say Darshan Raval is BFF with his music and fashion.

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