Why do the masses love Darshan Raval and why are his songs considered to be exceptional? Here's a simple answer

Reasons We Love Darshan Raval’s Voice In Soulful Songs

If you listen to the success story of Darshan Raval, you will know that he is a self-taught and established YouTube artist who got colossal name and fame in the music industry of Bollywood. He is an Ahmedabad-bred boy who became an instant hit working his magic around people through a mesmerizing voice. He has become the current heartthrob of the music, and his fans are in awe with his voice and kindness.

Darshan Raval received major spotlight through his YouTube single Tera Zikr that received millions of views within a few hours of its release. Himesh Reshammiya saw his skill and asked him to sing for Salman Khan’s movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, and that was his big opportunity!

Darshan has given many remarkable songs. He is the prevailing crush of the country for certain. If you ever get to discover him presenting LIVE, it is your opportunity not to be dropped. Why does everyone have so much regard and respect for Darshan Raval? What is so special about the boy? Well, here are some of the best chart-topping tracks sung by Darshan Raval that will answer all your queries. Listen to him sing once, and you will know what the fuss is all about.



Tere Naal

Bhula Dunga

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