And we have some hot news on Darshan Raval. Here is what we know about his relationship status

REVEALED! Darshan Raval’s Relationship Status

The boy who received tremendous love and support from the masses after he came to media attention as soon as he dropped his single Tera Zikr has come a long way. Talking about Darshan Raval we all are well aware of the fact that he does not just have an amazing voice but his looks will make you go cuckoo in head. He is hot. Darshan Raval is the heartthrob of every girl. Both his voice and looks have made people go crazy.

Darshan Raval has been giving us many chartbusters and songs that are hard to choose and rank one the best than the other. He has been known to hit the right note. And is the most energetic and versatile singer in the industry. He is always filled with enthusiasm and passion full of energy to rock the charts. His new singles like Asal Mein and Mehrma have become very much loved and appreciated.

Talking about his love life, Darshan Raval claimed that he is very much focused on his music and career and he is so much busy with his traveling and music that he doesn’t even get time to be focused on himself. So the bottom line is relationship wise he is very much single and solely dedicated towards his music and career.

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