Darshan Raval has blessed the Bollywood music industry with his gifted talent of singing

Some romantic hits of Darshan Raval for your playlist

Darshan Raval is one of the most loved cutie pie singers in the industry. He has spread a romantic plague with his voice among the masses. He has given numerous hits for the past few years. He is a miracle of the music industry. He has also sung the title track for Phir Bhi Na Maane… Badtameez Dil, the Star Plus soap.

Darshan Raval knows perfectly well how to charm people with his addictive voice. Here are a few of Darshan Raval’s hits that will take your romance on another level.

Hawa Banke
Shot in the gullies of Benares, the voice of Darshan goes hand in hand. Both captivating and mesmerizing, it is a must-listen song of Darshan.

Bhula Diya
This song will make you feel about being in love musically. A truly full of love and expression song, a noteworthy suggestion.

Kaash Aisa Hota
Shot in the mountains, this song tells you how there could have been different ways to love. A song that will surely impress and give you the essence of love and separation.

A song that is a remake but has full energy to it. Surely will make you leave your seat without regret and show some moves.
Which of the romantic songs of Darshan Raval is your most favorite? Comment below and tell us more.

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