Selena Gomez reveals about the making of Past Life music video

Selena Gomez reveals Past Life music video secret

Young and beautiful Selena Gomez, the American actress, singer, and songwriter is a pop sensation.

The singer has got a number of hit songs on her list. Her songs, like, Same Old Love (2015), Back to You (2015), Rare (2020), and many more have got her recognition all over the globe.

Selena has got a melodious and soothing voice that has touched many hearts. Selena is indeed the best music selling artist of Hollywood.

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Selena has sung some romantic songs over the past few years. She has the power in her voice to make you fall in love with them, and sometimes even brings tears to your eyes.

Recently, Selena and Trevor Daniel created a new music video for their song “Past Life.” The two singers released the video on Instagram Live. However, today the star singer revealed a secret behind the video. She revealed how it was shot. She wrote: “Check out how we shot the Past Life music video while still social distancing. This thing is called the Scan Truck. I stepped into it on my own and it scanned my face up close, which is why the music video looks so real! Sometimes technology and art are the perfect match.”

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