Selena Gomez's playlist when you need a break from life

Selena Gomez’s Famous Songs To Play For A Break

Selena Gomez, who made her debut as the Disney sweetheart is also a famous pop singer. She has raised to become one of the most influential singers, actors, fashion icons, and a lot more. Not to forget her recent launch of beauty line Rare. Selena Gomez has been an amazing actress in films that lie in the nostalgic corners of our minds. Wizards of Waverly Place (American sitcom), Another Cinderella Story (2008) are a few of her numerous amazing films and series.

The Disney darling broke from acting and tried her hands on singing in 2009 with Selena Gomez & the scene. Here are some of her top tracks that one must listen to when you need to get away.

Lose You to Love Me, if you have gone through a recent breakup, this is a perfect track for you to take a break. The track will teach you to value yourself above others.

Who Says, a highly empowering track. A song that every woman must listen to when in self-doubt. Though the track is cheesy, it is undoubtedly one of the best motivating songs that will help you keep going.

Vulnerable is a pleasant track with the most intoxicating lyrics. It is challenging to get your emotions to words, but Selena Gomez magically in her 3 minutes is full of bliss.

It Ain’t Me, a song that will help you break the chains and be for yourself. If you wish to move on, then do it like a pro, and this song will correctly teach you the same with the crackling voice of Selena Gomez.

Wolves, it is the so-far best track by Selena. Listening to the melody will make you realize why.

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