These songs by Selena Gomez have got more than 100 million views. Check them out!

Selena Gomez’s Songs That Have More Than 100 Million Views On YouTube

Selena Gomez, the American pop singer, and songwriter has been a popular singer in the Hollywood pop music industry. She is one of the biggest pop sensations. She has got numerous awards for her super hit albums and singles, from Naturally (2009) to Boyfriend (2020).

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Her music videos have got millions and millions of views on YouTube. Check the videos that got more than 100 million views over the past decade.

1.      Hands To Myself (2015) – 376M views

2.      Kill Em With Kindness (2015) – 478M views

3.      Same Old Love (2015) – 394M views

4.      Wolves ft. Marshmellow (2017) – 369M views

5.      Rare (2019) – 160M views

6.      Lose You To Love Me (2019) – 266M views

7.      Back To You (2018) – 226M views

8.      Come & Get It (2014) – 659M views

9.      Love You Like A Love Song (2011) – 555M views

10.   Slow Down (2013) – 336M views

11.   Naturally (2009) – 329M views

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