The prince charming of the music industry, Darshan Raval is perfectly well aware of how amazing he is. Here are a few shades of Darshan Raval for you

These songs prove Darshan Raval’s musical versatility

Already a sensation, Darshan Raval has won the hearts of millions of people with his voice and face that doesn’t even need to be mentioned. He can make you feel a myriad of emotions with his glorious voice. Be it an emotional song, he can make you cry with his heartbreak songs or make some moves on the dance floor with his tracks to fall in love with.

Darshan Raval is the current heartthrob of the music industry and is a hit machine with numerous chartbusters in the industry. This Gujarati chokra has surely made hearts swoon all over him. His magic is already working and is wooing the masses with his voice.

Here are a few varying shades of Darshan Raval for you to enjoy. So sit back and enjoy

Tera Zikr
This song was the life turning point of his life. The song made him into an overnight sensation. This is not just a song but a whole new feel that you will get.

Hawa Banke
A song to keep your love at first sight magic alive and a song that will make you believe more in love. The lyrics are beautiful just as the song is.

Ab Phirse Jab Baarish
A heartbreaking voice that Darshan has sung for this song. It reflects every emotion in one’s heart out. You will love this song in your first go.

Kaash Aisa Hota
Another heart pouring song by Darshan is hard to miss. The song is full of energy and emotion sure you will love it.

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