Jeongyeon's skin is proof of flawless skin. Here’s the proof to know how she achieves that!

Take Notes From TWICE Jeongyeon For Your Hair And Skincare

Jeongyeon appears to be opposed to the concept of cosmetics in general. Although the majority of the TWICE members appear to be daring with their eye makeup, the vocalist is wary of trying new things. She’d rather go on stage with her face uncovered.

Jeongyeon detailed the beauty routine of her flawless hair and skincare on a vlog she posted after her incredible performance on the US tour.

She described her skincare and hair care routine prior to heading to bed. But first foremost, make sure your hair is tied up, then take the first step of washing your face with a cleansing oil, as she performed. She cleansed her face with cleansing milk after the oil and afterward wiped it off with water. We should take note of the fact that she has been using cleansing milk as a key to achieving perfect skin. She then stepped away from the screen to wipe her face and apply moisturizer. When she returned, she gave ONCEs a glimpse of her stunning bare face. This was all about her skincare, a quick and easy technique for achieving such beautiful skin.

Jeongyeon then turned her attention to her hair. She sprayed her freshly washed hair with a good amount of hair essence, focusing on the ends. She highlighted the need of focusing on the ends, as most of us fail to do so. Jeongyeon knocks on her hair after applying the hair essence. It’s vital to note that hair should be blown-dried completely as it will lead to better absorption of the hair essence. She combed her hair and blew it slightly to add volume, which was the end of her routine.

That’s how with so few products and such basic processes, Jeongyeon demonstrated a simple routine for getting that skin type. A flawless skin that everyone admires is now easy to follow because of the simple routine Jeongyeon has presented.

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