Selena Gomez, the most celebrated popstar amongst the millennials has always been famous for her unapologetic approach in life. The diva has been the muse for so many young girls and women around the world, given her spectacular career timeline, that she made bloom amid all the struggles. The actress recently made headlines, after popular Instagram influencers Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber mocked at her for her ‘eyebrows’; however, needless to say, the actress got poured with immense support and love from the industry and her fans too.

However, what kept us motivated all the way is how, Selena Gomez dealt with the entire debacle with utmost calm and poise. The actress exuded as the epitome of grace with her calm responses to the entire issue. That’s what makes her the icon, right? No wonder, the star has been such a muse for her fans, especially given her body positive approach in her life.

Here, we have shared instances the when the actress proved to the ultimate body positivity icon, scroll down beneath to check on-

“My mind & Me”

The actress suffers from bipolar disorder. The actress has never failed on a chance to spread awareness about mental health amongst the fans. And in this documentary, the actress has spoken openly about her body image and mental health struggles. She has also launched a makeup brand to make a shift and help people who suffer from mental health issues.

Diagnosed with Lupus

The actress went for Kidney transplant for the same. However, during a TikTok live, the actress opened up on the hate comments that she received that she faced while having a drastic change in her body and how her body looked. This eventually led to a real online debate and people came up talking about similar experiences online.

Bounce Back

In the documentary, the actress spoke about the struggles she has been facing owing to her relationship and also her body image issues. However, the actress also openly spoke how she revived out of it.