The best hits by Darshan Raval that are just too hard to resist

Top 5 Mood Refreshing Superhits By Darshan Raval 4

Darshan Raval, born in Ahmedabad Gujarat to a writer and homemaker, is one of the hit voices in today’s music industry. He is currently the hit voice of the music industry with millions of fans. He did not just teach himself to sing but also with the help of YouTube tutorials he learned playing the guitar. Darshan is also a phenomenal musician and lyricist.

Darshan Raval, through his Instagram page, has given us many travel inspiration as well as he takes special care to the expectations of his fans. He is updated continuously and meets his fans, and his songs never miss to impress the audience.

Since his last hit Tera Zikr, Darshan Raval surely has gone through a considerable change and transformation. He has taken his vocals up a notch and comparatively has improved than he was years back. If you are a Darshan Raval’s fan, you must add these top five songs that are a huge hit and undoubtedly refreshing. Because there is no other as good as he is who has us all mesmerized with his amazing songs.

Tere Naal


Asal Mein


Hawa Banke

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