These great songs by Darshan Raval that deserves a second chance

Top 5 Underrated Performances By Darshan Raval

There is no right way to judge and decide a piece to be good or bad. There have been numerous songs sung by Darshan Raval but not all his songs have gained public acknowledgment. A few have been heard and forgotten by the masses. There are various grounds why this happens, but well why not give it a second chance now?

Darshan Raval is a brilliant singer but not all his songs have risen to its due glory. Maybe it could have happened because of the choice of wrong timing for release; other music released the same time that got very popular and many different reasons. These songs are left unnoticed because of the other hit song standing next to it. But these sidetracked songs need to be heard and talked about because they deserve all the fuss and are worthy of a second chance.

Darshan Raval is the new voice of today’s times, and here are some of his incredible songs that need a second chance.

It’s Time to Party

Tu Dua Hai

Rishta Tha

Nazar Sarsari

Needa Padadhani

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