Blackpink is a renowned South Korean girl group founded in 2016 by YG Entertainment. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are the group’s four members. Blackpink has become one of the world’s most popular girl groups, noted for their distinct sound, fashionable clothes, and high-energy concerts. Blackpink’s music has earned them several honors and nominations, including Mnet Asian, Seoul, and Billboard Music Awards. They have also performed at international music events, including Coachella and Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival.

The solo debut of Blackpink artist Lisa isn’t the only surprise she provided fans today! Although her much-anticipated LALISA is out there shattering records and leaving people speechless, Lisa posted a playlist for Blinks that included all her favorite songs to groove to.

Check Out The Following Nine Tracks –

H.E.R. – Comfortable

This calm song is perfect for when you want to relax and listen to some love words.

Ur Best Friend

This seductive melody reflects the emotional unrest that might follow from falling for your significant other’s closest friend.

Wild Side

We were looking forward to this collaboration, and it’s undoubtedly already on your playlist! It will undoubtedly get you rocking with its throbbing beats.

Alone With You

This intimate song is about how the singer would rather be with his lover no matter where they go.

H.E.R – Damage

Lisa appears to be a big fan of H.E.R. since several of the songs on her playlist include the artist. This is an intense love ballad with some extremely powerful lyrics.


Cleo Sol’s incredibly emotional album Mother includes this similarly lovely piece inspired by Sol’s journey into motherhood.

Red Lights

If a jazzy mood combined with a catchy chorus is what you’re searching for, this is the song for you.

Wild Side

This song is a much-needed dedication to bad ex-girlfriends and promotes self-love, which we could all use now!

When You Love Someone

This song is a Heartbreak anthem.