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Here are a few of Darshan Raval songs that went on to win the hearts of people making him a very well known household name

Top Darshan Raval’s songs that won the audience’s hearts

Speaking of Darshan Raval he is a multi-talented singer and composer, lyricist, actor and Performer. He is the best singer in the music industry. He just hit the right chord of music but also the hearts of many people working his piece of magic. His romantic hit was Tera Zikr that got him into the limelight. Though he has a name being the first runner up at India’s Raw Star for his song Phir Mohabbat. Majorly well-known for his romantic and heartbreak songs.

There is nothing far fetched when we talk about the popularity of Darshan Raval. Here are his few songs that made it big and got loud applause from the masses

Tera Zikr,

Hawa Banke,



Ab Phirse Jab Baarish,

The voice of Darshan Raval can make you skip a beat and this shows how amazingly talented personality he is.

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