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Jennifer Lopez looking radiant as ever, showing off some great dance moves

[IN VIDEO] Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Sensuous Dance Moves

Jennifer Lopez, with her every glowing skin and beauty, has us all mesmerized by her presence. She is a fantastic singer and an actor, but her dance moves catch our attention. She is a fabulous dancer and has been twirling and swirling like she has no care in the world. From showing off her impressive moves in her song videos to going pole dancing for her film Hustlers, she truly is one of a kind lady who still mesmerizes us with her beauty at the age of 50.

[IN VIDEO] Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Sensuous Dance Moves

Jennifer Lopez has also been a dance judge on a television show. Did you know that JLo is not just a singer, actor, or dancer but also a fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman? Her debut was as a dancer on In Living Colour, and later she decided to venture into acting. She was the first highest-paid Latin actress to earn over $1 million in a film.

Jennifer Lopez was also the first woman to have the number one film and song the same week. In 2012, Forbes ranked her to be the world’s most influential woman. Looking at the success and achievements that Jennifer Lopez earned throughout her life, her certificate deserves every bit of it.

Here are some sexy and sizzling hot moves of Jennifer Lopez that will glue your eyes to the screen.

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