Check out this video of BTS member V and Blackpink's Jennie

When BTS member V gave an interesting reaction seeing Blackpink’s Jennie walk in front of him

The BTS boyband and Blackpink girls are well and truly the two most popular and admired K-pop entertainment squads in the world of music and entertainment at present. Both the bands have worked incredibly hard in all these years and that’s why, they are blessed with love and attention from ARMY and Blinks all over the globe. Although all of the members of both the squads get attention in plenty, two individuals who in particular who are blessed with most amount of attention is BTS member V and Blackpink’s Jennie.

It’s been quite a long time that ARMY and Blinks have been shipping their favourite idols and well, when they also simultaneously get spotted together, it only adds to the rumours, don’t they? Well, that’s exactly what happened when the duo were apparently spotted at NYC recently. While we all have seen and heard white a lot about that, how many of you have seen this interesting video where V had an interesting reaction seeing Jennie walk in front of her?

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