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Check out the best ever catch made by Kieron Pollard in the IPL history!

Best IPL Catches From Kieron Pollard We Will Never Forget

Indian Premier League (IPL) has got a good set of talented players in the list from batsmen to bowlers, wicketkeepers and fielders. There are plenty of amazing batsmen and bowlers on the list. But there are very few good fielders as compared to the Caribbean player, Kieron Adrian Pollard. The all-rounder cricketer and the West Indies captain has been seen playing for the four times IPL winning team, Mumbai Indians (MI). As a batsman, he has been seen playing in middle-order and has done wonders with his skills. He is also an excellent bowler but, one more thing that he is master at is fielding.

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The player has caught several knocks and helped the team to win in many matches. He was always relied on by the team to catch the balls sharply. His catch from 2014 IPL in the match against Rajasthan Royals (RR) was remarkable. The catch was made on Kevon Cooper’s ball which is still regarded as one of the best catches in the IPL history. Pollard made the catch at the boundary when he took his left leg off. He was almost there to cross the boundary but he took his left leg on the ground and then he threw the ball inside the field. After crossing the boundary line, he turned around, and then he turned around, flashed back to the playing area, and made a complete catch on the playing ground.

This is regarded as one of the best catches by Pollard, by the fans. Although he has got many more epic catches on the field from the IPL history.

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