Pandya and Bumrah, both phenomenal players bring their A-game for Mumbai Indians. Who do you think is behind the recent success of MI?

Jasprit Bumrah vs Hardik Pandya: the Real Reason behind Mumbai Indians’ Recent Success

Hardik Pandya is a rebel with a cause. One of the biggest assets to the team, he is always playing like a King. Always in a terrific form, he scores runs for the team like no big deal. An all-rounder, he knows how to finish a game. Constantly embroiled in controversy, he is the spotlight of every cricket match. One of the most popular players and upcoming sensation, he is a huge advantage to Mumbai Indians. He is geared up to bring his best foot forward for Mumbai Indians in every match.

Jasprit Bumrah is the unorthodox player who steals hearts. His progress has been noteworthy. He is emerged to be India’s number one bowler and this plays a huge advantage to Mumbai Indians to have him in the team. He started playing for MI when he was a teenager and his growth has been nothing short of extraordinary. Excelling in every match has made him the new sensation. Bumrah is growing to be the next big thing and Mumbai Indians would be incomplete with his bowling skills.

Both the players are great assets to the team. They bring a lot to the table and Mumbai Indians have the best of best players in the team. Bumrah with his bowling abilities and Pandya with his all-rounder abilities make the team stand out from the rest. They are the upcoming sensations and it would be really difficult to choose who the real reason is behind Mumbai Indian’s success.

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