Kieron Pollard vs Dwayne Bravo: The two entertaining players bring the best cards on the team.

Kieron Pollard vs Dwayne Bravo: the Best IPL Hitter?

Kieron Pollard plays for Mumbai Indians in IPL. One of the biggest assets to the team, he always brings his A-game on. Pollard is one of the consistent players in team who has always impressed the audience.  The daredevil of Mumbai Indians, he remains undefeatable. He has played 148 IPL matches and an all-rounder. He is one of the entertaining players in IPL. From groovy moves on the field to smashing runs like no big deal, he is one of the best cricketers.

Dwayne Bravo is one of the most entertaining players in IPL. He plays for Chennai Super Kings and his flair for the game makes him the best in the team. Bravo’s skills are noteworthy, he is able to grasp the game and take the win. A hard-hitting batsman and bowler, his all-rounder form is a huge advantage for CSK. One of the top players in the team, he is always ready to bring his grooves on-field and dances away to glory. A DJ and champion in one person.

The two entertaining players bring the best cards on the team. It is glorious to watch them play and show their amazing moves on the field. They are always playing with a smile and their knack of the game sets them apart. Pollard and Bravo remain as fan favourites for always cheering up the audience mid-way during the game. We might be stuck to decide who the best IPL hitter is when both are excellent players.

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