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If you want to know why Rohit Sharma is considered lazy, then have a read to it!

Reasons Why Sometimes Rohit Sharma Is Considered A Lazy Cricketer

Rohit Sharma is one of the eminent players in the Indian National Cricket team. He is the perfect choice to open a match with his right-hand batting skills and strategies. The player has always been dedicated and passionate about cricket and has made everyone stunned with his actions on the field.

Apart from all these, Rohit’s lazy elegance has been one of the biggest talks of cricket fans. He has mastered the art of chasing runs with his laziness. The word ‘lazy’ doesn’t define him lethargic, but his skills to make the ball hit the boundaries. He is completely opposite to Chris Gayle who gives up all his energy to make runs. Rohit scored fours and sixes with a lazy back-lift. What makes him unique is, that he plays with his brain and not his muscular strength.

It is amazing to see that how the man manages to chase runs so effortlessly. Rohit’s style of playing the matches smoothly makes him different from other batsmen. He is considered to be a lazy cricketer for these reasons. But no doubt the player is hardworking and has never skipped his training and practice schedule.

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