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Star kids have been always an attraction like their parents. Here are some adorable moments of Gracia Raina and Ziva Dhoni that can melt your heart. Check them out!

Adorable Moments Of Gracia Raina And Ziva Dhoni

Gracia Raina is the daughter of the famous all-rounder cricketer of the Indian Team, Suresh Raina. She is so adorable and is been loved by many. She is a little mischievous but, is her father’s favourite. Suresh loves her daughter Gracia a lot and tries to spend his leisure time with her. She is currently 3-years old who has gained popularity not only because of her father but also for her sweet appearance.

On the other hand, the ex-captain of the Indian Cricket Team, MS Dhoni’s daughter, Ziva is so cute. She has been caught with many adorable moments in front of the camera. She is a couple of years older than Gracia. She has been one of the attractions for the public.

Gracia and Ziva are really close to each other, in fact, the two families are close to each other. The two star kids are good friends and have been seen having fun together. They are spotted playing and spending time with each other. Once they were seen playing and chasing Dhoni after CSK (Chennai Super Kings) won a match against Delhi Capitals in IPL (Indian Premier League) 2019.

Aren’t they adorable? Here are some of their pictures together cherishing the moment.

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