KL Rahul has made it evident that he can bat in any position and support the team.

Has India Found The Number 4 Batsman In the Form Of KL Rahul

The Indian Cricket team has exceptional opening batsmen in the form of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. These two players have the ability to give a great start to the game in the initial overs. We have Virat Kohli who knows how to first control and then boss the innings, from the all-important number 3 spot. The job of India’s number four is to build on good starts provided by the top three.

India needs a batsman who can enforce things in the middle and play attacking form of cricket, at number 4. The Indian team has struggled a bit to find the perfect number 4 player who can perform consistently. Considering this, KL Rahul is the best bet for India. He is a very attacking batsman. He can play the role of an enforcer for India and build on good starts provided by India’s ‘Big 3’. Initially, he did get nervous and gave easy wickets but lately, he is phenomenal with the bat. Rahul has improved his shot-selection and shown the ability to bat long and calm, with a good strike. With the current form of KL Rahul, he can manage to play in any position i.e., opening or middle order.

With the fixed position of top-order 3 players, KL Rahul seems to be the perfect fit for number 4 slot.

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