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Check out the top three cricketers who completed 5000 runs in IPL history!

IPL 2020: Top 3 Cricketers Who Completed 5000 Runs In IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed some amazing set of players, starting from bowlers to batsmen, over the past years. IPL 2020 is assuredly taking place after a series of hiccups. There have been a lot of talented and skillful batsmen as well who have always hit the ball to the boundaries. Many performers have come and gone in the history of IPL, but very few have left some remarkable impression. It is hard to find some amazing batsmen like them and make some wonderful records in IPL. These batsmen have tried their best to reach the list of three great batsmen who competed in the Indian Premier League. Have a look at the three names!

1: Virat Kohli
Runs – 5827
Highest run – 113
Batting average – 38.84

2: Suresh Raina
Runs – 5368
Highest run – 100
Batting average – 33.34

3: Rohit Sharma
Runs – 5158
Highest run – 109
Batting average – 31.45

All three batsmen are from India and all of them have scored a brilliant run rate over the years. Only three of them could only reach the benchmark of 5000 runs in IPL. Long back, it was Virat Kohli and Suresh Raina, but recently in IPL 2020, Rohit Sharma got his name in it as well. The Mumbai Indian skipper completed 5000 runs in the month of October, in 2020.

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