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Cricket's richest league has transformed the sport, both on and off the field.

IPL T20 Tournament That Changed The Dynamics Of The Game

The Indian Premier League is, quite simply, the most lucrative, star-studded cricket tournament in the world. A six-week Twenty20 tournament, it features eight franchises from around India, each full of international stars and domestic talent. Players’ fees are decided by auction, so the highest-valued players earn huge money for just a few weeks’ works, which adds to the glamour and brings in all the best players in world cricket. The introduction of the IPL has meant the primacy, at least financially, of the shortest form of the game.

The money is so big that all of the world’s best want to compete, and putting them together in one, short, intense tournament produces some spectacular cricket. Never before have you had all the top players from every cricket-playing nation in the same place, outside of World Cups, Not only that but because of the financial rewards and the concentration of talent, it has led to massive innovation. Shots that might have been unthinkable ten years ago, and scores that looked more at home in 50 over games than T20, have now become the norm. Additionally, the abridged nature of the Twenty20s means that ideally, a game will not last longer than three hours and 15 minutes. IPL has revolutionized the sport in the way it was played and ‘cricketainment’ has been the new word to describe the evolution of a new chapter in the history of cricket.

The Indian Premier League has proved that cricket will never be the same again.

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