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Both these cricketers have two-way responsibility and fulfill it to their best. Who do you think is the best T20 wicket-keeper opener?

Quinton de Kock Vs KL Rahul: The Best T20 Wicket-Keeper Opener

Quinton de Kock is the current captain of the South African International Cricket Team. Not only is de Kock one heck of a batsman, but the value he brings to the side by donning the gloves is tremendous. Quinton de Kock is one of the most reliable batsmen who can turn the match upside down. As an opener, he gives a great start to the team and helps in scoring big. His work as a keeper is commendable. This man is surely going to make it big in his cricket career.

On the contrary, we have KL Rahul, the current superstar of the Indian Cricket Team. He is already one of the most sought after batsmen in the country and a great wicket-keeper as well. The player can strike it well when the team is chasing or batting first. He has been magnificent with his bat and scored consistently. His added responsibility has been of wicket-keeping and what a show has he put up! A striking speed of stumping and perfect decisions to seek reviews, KL Rahul has begun to stamp his authority in international cricket.

We think both these cricketers are exceptionally talented and so making a choice between them is difficult. Please help us out here.

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