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Check out all the IPL songs from 2008-2020!

Take a look at the IPL songs from 2008 – 2020

Over the years, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen some massive evolution and emergence of the love for Indian cricket. Fans and supporters have been enjoying it ever since its launch in 2008. This initiative was taken by the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). IPL has successfully been held for thirteen seasons. There are several teams who come together to play for various Indian states and unite the diversity of Indian culture through cricket. IPL has also given opportunities to many new and young Indian cricketers. It has also helped in finding out new and brilliant talents for the national Indian cricket team.

IPL has gradually become an emotion for many cricket lovers and fans in India. It has been no less than a festival. But, one of the best parts of the IPL has always been the theme songs for every year. The IPL songs have evolved and new theme songs have been adapted from the inaugural season in 2008 to the latest 2020 IPL season.

2008: Tu Laga Dum

2009: Divided By Nations / United By IPL

2010: Saare Jahan Se Achha

2011: Dum Laga Ke Maara

2012: Aisa Mauka Fir Kaha Milega

2013: Jumping Japang

2014: Bulawa Aaya Hai

2015: India Ka Tyohaar

2016: Happy Wala India

2017: Waah Re waah

2019: Best Vs Best

2020: Aayenge Hum Wapas

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