Always go for a partner who makes you feel the most comfortable- Manu Punjabi

Manu Punjabi on his experience of hosting show Date To Remember Love Triangle

Always go for a partner who makes you feel the most comfortable- Manu Punjabi

Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Manu Punjabi, is enjoying his anchoring role in the MTV show Date To Remember Love Triangle.

“The concept is interesting. As the title suggests, we focus on trios–a guy caught between his current and ex flames.  As captain and judge, I and Nitibha Kaul help them to overcome this dilemma. The show is a test of love, and true love has to face obstacles. The obstacles, in the form of past lovers, are what the show is about.”

“It was fun interacting with the contestants. Had I been in their place, I would have been confused too, but it was fun living with them, helping them clear their doubts, and finally, finding our perfect couple. Even I have gone through a similar predicament. It is never easy to choose, especially if both women have differing qualities– for example, one is a good homemaker type, while the second is the perfect girl friend.”

He continues, “Dude, we get floundered regarding color and fit even when we choose clothes; and here we have to make fundamental choices. We try to find our way, either in consultation with folks or friends. In my case, I was not close to my parents. It was not easy, yet I managed to come out, and no wonder I have been made mentor of these kids.” His relationship with Priya Saini went through lots of ups and downs, when he was in Bigg Boss with Mona Lisa (shared vibes).

What advice would you give to youngsters? “Well, agreed you want the best of both worlds, but at the end of the day, you should only go for that girl who makes you happy from within. We need to stop letting the kids in us fly aimlessly, which eventually gets you nowhere.”

When pointed out about the increasing fights between the contestants, he says, “This was supposed to happen, sooner or later. The fights have increased, and we are not surprised in today’s world of fickle relationships.”

In closing, Manu, who has also taken part in other reality shows such as BB, Chai Pe Charcha with Manu Punjabi, and The Bachelorette India: Mere Khayaalon ki Mallika, says, “It is not easy for girls involved in such situations to go on. At the end of day, if they feel that you are worth it, they will stick around through thick and thin; but if they doubt your intentions, they will drop you like a hot potato. Men are always fickle-minded, and keep changing goalposts, while women are focused and seem to be inspired by their fathers who always know what they want.”

Well said, Manu.

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