My best Valentine’s Day memory is of Sumeet Vyas talking to my parents about our marriage: Ekta Kaul

Ekta Kaul and Sumeet Vyas celebrate their first Valentine’s Day post their marriage.

My best Valentine’s Day memory is of Sumeet Vyas talking to my parents about our marriage: Ekta Kaul

It’s the first Valentine’s celebration for gorgeous actress Ekta Kaul and web sensation Sumeet Vyas post their wedding that happened in September last year.

However, Ekta would love to celebrate this special day sometime later this week, as she is presently in Jammu at her parents’ place.


Says Ekta, “The feeling of having a soulmate is just wonderful. It is a nice feeling as this is our first Valentine’s day post our marriage. But I will like to say that Sumeet makes sure everyday is a Valentine’s day for me (smiles).”

Ask her about the best Valentine gift given by Sumeet and she says, “My best day came last year. Exactly, on the Valentine’s day Sumeet had come to meet my family and talk about our marriage. And marrying him is the best thing that could have happened to me.”

On her plans for this Valentines, Ekta shares with a heavy heart, “I am in Jammu as of now. I was to fly back today to be with him. However, due to the bad weather here, my flight got cancelled. So today, my parents are my Valentines.”

“Though we are away from each other today, we will surely make up for it. I will be reaching Mumbai on the 16th now. So that day will be Valentine’s Day for us (smiles),” she adds.

Ekta simply enjoys the ambience set during this special occasion. “I feel like a teenager during Valentine’s Day. I love celebrating the entire week starting from the chocolate day, teddy day, rose day…. and valentine’s day.”

Summing up the feeling of being married, Ekta says, “To love someone is a good feeling. But to be loved back with the same intensity is great. It is a blessing actually. I feel blessed to have Sumeet who loves me back and makes sure we love each other more with every passing day.”

So sweet!!

May you both enjoy your day out later this week!!

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