Actress Jyothsna Channdola Singh who is married to Nitesh Singh celebrated the Valentine’s Day recently, in Goa with her husband. For the first time after becoming a mother, Jyothsna left behind her baby Joni at home, under proper care and travelled with her husband.

Says Jyothsna, “It is a surreal feeling for me and Nitesh to be in Goa, getting all romantic. This is the first time we have left Joni behind. It felt weird, but we wanted to spend some time together. After Joni was born, we have been roaming around in the car when we go to Goa owing to his safety reasons. But I wanted to roam around in a Scooty, recollecting our earlier times. So we roamed around in the Scooty in Goa and had a whale of a time. At home, my mother is there with Joni along with the 24/7 caretaker. Joni knew very well that we were going out and that we were not there with him for a few days.”

Jyothsna wants to silence a sect of people who have mocked the way she has left her kid behind and has not taken him out. “I want to tell people that I know him better as a mother. So it is my responsibility and duty to see if he is comfortable and in safe hands when we travel. Society today makes such mothers feel ‘guilty’ for leaving behind their kids when they want to go to work/vacation. To tell you, Nitesh and I are not guilty at all as we made the best of arrangements for the two days we were away from him.”

“I am also a working mother and received a few comments when I started working on my projects after Joni was born. I disagree with this aspect that a mother gets questioned for everything that she does, especially when she goes out, leaving behind her kid at home,” Jyothsna adds.

At the end of the day, she states that it is every couple’s right to have their private time of enjoyment, even if it comes after becoming a parent.