Suhasi Dhami of Zee TV show, Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se, is one lucky actor, for she has bucked the TV trend of looking older on screen as time passes.

“I began as a 42 year old widow (Vedika), who falls in love with a much younger man, Sahil (Karan Jotwani). She already aged to 50 during the course of the show. Had we followed the traditional TV template, post one more leap, I would have been shown as a 60-year old grandmother. What could they have shown at that age?”

“But luckily, here we have decided to explore the reincarnation theory, which does not focus much on the age but on the social taboo of divorce. No wonder I look much younger on the screen (a 32-year old). My look has also been changed accordingly. I no longer wear only saris, but even adorn salwar kameezes and have a bolder body language than the previous Vedika. The new Vedika is also a divorcee and issueless. Tell me any show where the lead has become younger?” she asks.

However, Suhasi admits that she is not sure if the new track will work or not. “We all are working very hard. But yes, it has made things better for me.”

Here Suhasi jokes, “Even if fans don’t like our story, my character will become even younger.”

Interestingly though, Karan says the age issue will be the main crux of the matter even now. “The show is going through a revamp, but the narrative will remain the same — a younger guy falls in love with an older woman and how they fight all odds to be together. My character doesn’t care about the age or whether or not a person is a divorcee. I personally too think that none of this should be a barrier for loving someone. Aap Ke Aa Jane Se is known for breaking the barrier of such societal norms and it will be interesting to see how the viewers will react to this fresh love story of Vedika and Sahil.”

One of our sources on the set says, “Just like last time, Vedika’s younger sister Radhika’s (played by Manisha Rawat) marriage will be fixed with Sahil, but Sahil will be against it as he falls truly, madly and deeply in love with Vedika. Vedika being a recent divorcee and the elder sister of the girl he is betrothed to marry, Sahil has a tough fight ahead with his family to accept her. Sahil’s entire family is vehemently against their love, as they believe Vedika is way too old for him,” ended our source.