Indraneil Sengupta talks about his role in the Star Bharat show.

As an actor, I enjoy what I do in Nimki Mukhiya: Indraneil Sengupta

TV actor Indraneil Sengupta who had taken a Bengali film detour for a while is now firmly back to his old small screen hunting ground. He is playing a pivotal role in the Star Bharat show Nimki Mukhiya.

Prior to this he had done a small cameo in Zee TV hit offering Jamai Raja.

Says Indraneil, “My BDO widower father character is the mentor of lead girl Nimki (Bhumika Gurung). He has fallen for her, but she loves and marries the local strong man. Abhimanyu Rai is a righteous man, but is also real. Hence he tends to occasionally bend the rules as well.”

However, he clearly states that the concept of the show is way different. “Our story is not based on the older man younger woman story. Just because my character was married and has a kid does not automatically make him old. This is not like Bade Acchhe Laggte Hain, as we are not playing the age card.”

Indraneil feels lucky to have returned to long running TV, with a show which is not only progressive but also very well written. “This was important, for after doing content driven Bengali films my graph has only risen higher.”

He had shifted to Kolkata around 2008 after doing popular shows such as Pyaar Ke Do Naam: Ek Raadha, Ek Shyam, Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, Maayka etc.

“Sometimes I wonder how come good shows on desi tv don’t work? Yet at the same time great Pakistani shows had big takers on Zindagi. As an artist I enjoy what I do in Nimki Mukhiya. Not once have I wondered, what am I saying or why?, and luckily it is doing well too,” the actor states.

Can we see you making a beeline towards the web medium, as better half Barkha Bhist has also done? “We don’t chase anything just because it is the flavour of the month. If something good comes along, I will also take it up like she did. The concept matters more than the medium. Having said this, films present an actor better than TV, which sometimes has not so good output.”

Talking about what makes his marriage tick he says, “Barkha and I support and understand each other. If we are both are working it is fine; if we are not, we let the others run the house, with no ego hang ups. Having said this, luckily there has never been a situation where we both don’t have work. We are content with our lot, but that does not mean we don’t strive to do better as well.”

Is there any insecurity of straying, since both of you work in a glamour field, “No apart from trust which is very important, both of us are also very attractive ourselves. So even if I or her is working with some good looking actor, we eventually come back home to our attractive spouse right.”

Indraneil, continue the good work!!


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