Pallavi Gupta talks about her new show Nazar and her role.

I always wanted to work with Gul Khan as she is my favourite Producer: Pallavi Gupta

Young lass Pallavi Gupta, who entertained audience in shows like Hum Ladkiyan, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2, Mere Angne Mein and currently seen in Star Plus’ supernatural thriller Nazar (4 Lions Films), says that she always wanted to work with Producer Gul Khan.

Speaking about her collaboration with the show, Pallavi says, “It’s every actor’s dream to work with 4 Lions Films and Gul Khan. I always wanted to work with Gul Khan as she is my favourite producer. I love the way her shows and characters are presented to the audience. Her show’s costumes become trends and people follow them. I have worked in multiple television shows before, but my character in this show is completely different from what I have played earlier.”

Pallavi feels an actor should work for perfection, “I am my own critic. I am never satisfied with my scenes at once. I always feel there is room for perfection and I work towards it. I read books and work on the scene to update myself. But at the same, I remember Leonardo DiCaprio quotes ‘Why worry? If you have done your best you can, worrying won’t make it any better’. I just believe in working hard and giving the best shot,” shares the lovely actress.

When asked what has she learnt through her journey, Pallavi avers, “I have learnt one thing that is be yourself and don’t change for anyone. If you feel something is wrong speak up. I don’t care what others think about me, but I can’t fake around to just be pally with people in the industry. I just believe that performance matters the most. I prefer that a show is never forever, the memories related to the show matters.”

Well said, Pallavi!

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