When she was just a teen who was daydreaming, it never struck her that, someday soon, success would come with a bang! Ankita Lokhande, who was once a middle-class girl, never knew that Pavitra Rishta could change her life and bring her fame to the point that she becomes a very famous household name.

TV actress Ankita Lokhande starred in Pavitra Rishta for 5 long years and her much awaited Bollywood debut 2019 is now finally here! With Manikarnika, there is a lot of speculation that now the Ankita Lokhande career chart will definitely be only climbing upwards from hereon. Her stellar debut performance has been gaining her accolades ever since the movie opened with a bang at the box office.

Manikarnika is the story of our very own Rani Laxmibai, played by Kangana Ranaut, and Jhalkari Bai aka Ankita Lokhande goes on to become her close friend and confidant, who is patriotic at the core and would do anything for Rani Laxmibai’s safety and India’s freedom.

Ankita Lokhande career is quite an inspiring topic to discuss and her fans couldn’t have been prouder! From a household name on the silver screen to a hot-blooded, passionate and strong woman in one of India’s historical biopic, Ankita Lokhande has made her journey from TV to Bollywood worth all her efforts. Now, as they say, she can reap the benefits of it in the form of lovely praises that our audiences are showering on her.

After her relationship with long-time boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput hit the rocks, Ankita Lokhande spent most of her time polishing her acting and focused in her career. Post her Bollywood debut, 2019 might also see her getting married to her rumoured boyfriend Vicky Jain. Ankita Lokhande may not have confirmed her relationship with Vicky Jain publicly but she has been spotted with the businessman on numerous occasions by the B-Town media and reporters.

Coincidentally, the trailer of her Bollywood debut 2019 movie, Manikarnika, released on the same day as her birthday and Ankita Lokhande was more than thrilled to hear the audiences go ga-ga about her role as Jhalkari Bai and call the movie a must-watch.