The secret mantra of Barun Sobti every guy needs to follow

Barun Sobti’s fitness secrets REVEALED

Today we’re here to decode the famous ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ actor Barun Sobti’s fitness mantra and how he manages to stay lean and mean. In an interview with a leading publication, he addressed himself as an Ectomorph and that he doesn’t need to work out, and fans have been going crazy over this term ever since their role model has mentioned it.

When asked about his dedication to a strict diet regimen, Barun said, “Not really either!  I don’t really follow any strict diet regimen. I eat everything and still manage to stay healthy. I do regular workout though and follow a pretty regular lifestyle in general.”

When asked about his secret and he said, “I am a big foodie and love to eat anything I want. There is no secret. Really!!! Even after I eat just about anything I still do not put on weight.  It’s true that I am a real foodie but my body approves of it as well!!!  Haha!”

As we all know Barun loves to play football but we thought that he does that as his workout routine. But when asked, Barun said,“ I love playing football and I do play football whenever I get the time and opportunity. It’s not really part of my workout routine though.”

Finally at the end when asked about his fitness inspiration on seeing any actor or actress he said, “ I think everyone these days is very fit so no one, in particular, inspires me. All of the current lot are doing really good with respect to staying fit.” And we couldn’t agree more…right?

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