Rohitashv Gour, aka Manmohan Tiwari talks about Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai gave me immense success as an actor: Rohitashv Gour

Rohitashv Gour, a well-known name in Hindi television and films, has become a household name for his portrayal of Manmohan Tiwari in &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai. The actor has been tickling the audience’s funny bone with his impeccable comic timing for years and has become the audience’s absolute favourite. In this candid chat, the actor discusses his journey as Tiwari and what keeps him committed to the role even after seven years.

Your character Manmohan Tiwari has become a household name. Were you expecting this kind of love when you started shooting for Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai?

When a serial gets popular, several prominent characters become household names. Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai gave me immense success as an actor. When we started this show, we were worried about how the Indian audience would react to the show’s concept. But today, I am grateful for the love and appreciation I have received as an artist, and I also feel happy for my co-stars and the entire crew. Audiences’ unwavering support for my character encourages me to give my best in the show and continue to create a unique identity in the entertainment industry.

What was your family’s reaction when you bagged the role of Manmohan Tiwari in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai?

Initially, I felt that my wife Rekha would not like watching me on screen flirting with the bold and beautiful Bhabi, but she liked the funny antics of my character and loved the show. My entire family has been extremely supportive and enjoys my acting work.

What, according to you, is the reason behind the huge success of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai?

The biggest reason for the show’s success is its unique characters and funny tracks. The tragedies that our characters face and hilarious get-ups keep the audience glued to our show. On several occasions, our fans have mentioned how watching the show has brought happiness into their lives. There have been cases wherein many patients have written to us stating how the show’s comedy has helped them divert their minds from their pain. Our commitment to spreading smiles has been the biggest reason behind the show’s success.

It’s been seven years now. What keeps you motivated to play Tiwari Ji?

The most exciting part is that we portray different stories every week. Every track offers a funny situation and conflicts. The writers need to be applauded for keeping the fun quotient high and giving us actors the opportunity to continue creating magic on screen as actors. This apart, if something interesting comes up for me in the world of OTT, I will do it since it would help me to grow as an artist. However, I will not take up any other project if it needs me to quit playing my character Tiwari, which has brought me immense fame in the industry.

Please share with us your passion for acting and your overall journey.

I began performing in theatre during my childhood in Shimla. After that, I got involved in amateur theatre. I got my big break in 1985 in Shimla at a workshop held by the National School of Drama’s and Language Art, and Culture Department, Shimla. I did a one-month acting programme there, which prepared me to pursue a full-time 3-year diploma at the National School of Drama. After completing the course, I started my journey as an actor. Those were my most cherished times, and I learned quite a lot. From being an amateur artist to becoming a professional theatre artist. The journey was quite fruitful and laid the foundation for my acting career. During that time, I shared the stage with many renowned and accomplished artists like Saurabh Shukla, Himani Shivpuri Ji, Seema Biswas Ji, Shrivardhan Trivedi and Shri Anupam Shyam, to name a few. It was a wonderful learning experience. After doing theatre for a while, I got a few TV projects, and finally, in 1991, my journey in television started with a show named Firdaus on DD1. After that, I also did many Bollywood films like Munnabhai, PK, Dhoop by Ashwini Chaudhary, Matrubhoomi and Attithi Tum Kab Jaoge.

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