I cannot relate to Saraswati as I am not religious at all – Swati Kapoor

Swati Kapoor who essays the role of Saraswati in Star Plus’ Tu Sooraj talks about how she perceives her role, and on her religious outlook in real life.

I cannot relate to Saraswati as I am not religious at all – Swati Kapoor

Swati Kapoor who plays the role of Saraswati in Star Plus’ popular show Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji (Shashi Sumeet Productions) is so very different from her on-screen character!!

While Saraswati believes a lot in ‘dharma’ and ‘values’ and is religiously inclined, Swati is certainly not a religious person in real life!!

Says Swati, “I simply cannot relate to Saraswati at all. Swati can never be Saraswati. She is a staunch believer in everything. I am not religious at all. I don’t believe in idol worship and don’t believe in the customary practices revolving around religion. If I am part of any religious affair, it is only to please and respect my parents and friends and family.”

So do you not believe in God? “I do believe in God, but don’t believe in the idea that prevails around idol worship. A festival is only about celebration for me and nothing more. See I believe that there is an energy that helps us out, a supreme power for sure. But I don’t believe in following the rituals and customs. I have seen that if you tell anything to anyone in the name of religion and custom, they will accept it. So people tend to follow things blindly with a scare that nothing bad should happen to them.”

Swati who is getting into a new phase in the story line in the show is happy with the way her track is progressing. Her character is on the verge of renouncing worldly pleasures in order to become the ‘Sevika’ of the Bal Brahmachari (Gagan Malik). “Yes, this track has been going good. I have got a lot of scope to perform. I have had some beautiful and emotional scenes with my brother Uma (Avinesh Rekhi). I have had some great scenes with Vansh (Kabeer K). Saraswati is now asked to leave her comforts and start living a simple life. So she has changed her attire, stopped using the luxury of her home and stopped wearing anything to cover her foot. I am looking forward to the track ahead.”

On how she perceives the character of Saraswati, Swati tells us, “She has not seen the outer world. She’s born in this house and has been in this house. So that’s her world. She has not gone through much in life as she has been protected and pampered by her family. She’s not been given higher education. She has less of friends and does not have a social life. In simple words, since she’s kept away from everything, she does not even have her point of view in anything.”

Swati as she bids adieu thanks the audiences for showering all the love on her!!

Wish you all the best, Swati!!

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