Sonyaa who essays the role of Ruby in Nazar produced by 4 Lions Films, gets into a conversation with

I can’t be a ‘delicate darling’ playing Ruby: Sonyaa on her ‘daayan’ stint in Nazar

Actress Sonyaa who essays the role of the ‘Daayan’ Ruby in Star Plus and 4 Lions Films’ supernatural thriller Nazar, has had a great debut on Hindi TV. From being projected initially as a normal girl, and to now be unleashing her supernatural and evil powers as the ‘daayan’, Sonyaa has had a great run and looks really confident of bettering her performance with every passing day.

Sonyaa who has an IT background, having worked for a multi-national IT firm in New Zealand, is a fitness freak and thanks her stars for being so, as her zeal to work on her body has made her comfortable with the stunts she has to perform as the daayan.

Says Sonyaa, “It’s been very difficult to play the daayan as I need to do all my stunts. Every role comes with its own challenge, but Ruby is a tough character to play. I have to climb trees, walls, houses, need to jump from one tree to another etc. But I have to say that I have been blessed with a fabulous stunt team and director. It is the team support that really helps me get through it. I believe that hard work pays off and I am glad that I am being liked by viewers.”

On the growth that her character has seen in such a quick time, Sonyaa avers, “It’s been overwhelming. This is my debut on Indian television. I am showered with love messages, and people simply love Ruby. And to tell you that, Ruby is not a positive character and is totally negative, this love coming from fans amazes me. If you give the audience something that is predictable, it is not fun. The twists and turns are what make the show Nazar amazing. I love the fact that Nazar is not a sad drama, and has its moments. The story is very powerful and audience loves it. I was little sceptical about playing the Daayan. But I have received a great response.”

Talking about the unit of Nazar gelling together she says, “Everyone on the set is positive and helpful. Harsh Rajput is a nice person. So is Monalisa. We help each other grow, and this makes it easy on the set. I am the only new one in the whole cast. My Director has helped me a lot. He is the real Ruby (smiles).”

Sonyaa who has won a pageant in New Zealand always wanted to act. This brought her to Mumbai, India two years back. “When I was offered this role, I was asked whether I would be comfortable doing stunts. I gave nearly 15 auditions for the role and 10 looks tests, 4 mock tests, a process that went on for two months before I got this role (smiles). So those were scary moments, but I am happy that that the role came to me (smiles). You get what you deserve and I love Ruby. Ruby is fantastic. I can tell you that I have not been lucky; I have worked really hard to play the role. I have done so many stunts; I have cried at times too. But as I said, my team is really amazing and they have helped me out every time.”

For a newbie in the telly industry, Sonyaa has a great sense of responsibility. “I feel like the ‘hero’ of Nazar because only men perform stunts usually. I want to change that perception. Women are equally strong and can do anything. We have great actresses in our country. I never received any training for Nazar. I do a lot of work-out and this helps me perform my stunts better. One needs to be strong mentally. I believe in myself and trust myself to do anything. I can’t be a delicate darling playing Ruby. I know I need to keep going and can never put my Director down. As an actor, you have the whole unit waiting for you. So as an actor, I believe in being very responsible. I am not doing a favour on anyone. Yes, I should be treated well and I need to be respected. I believe respect will keep the tantrums away.”

Way to go, Sonyaa!! Keep up the good work…



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