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Charlie Chauhan writes a poem

Charlie Chauhan pens verses on heart break

TV actor Charlie Chauhan, who has decided to stop exploring the small screen for big screen dreams, is also a budding poetess in the works.

She has just uploaded one video on her new YouTube channel where she recites lines on breakups.

“The worst part of breakups is that it is not only the jilted partner who gets hurt, but the one moving on is not happy either. Everyone out here is nursing a broken heart, so who is really guilty?” says Charlie, who has done shows like Best Friends Forever, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan and Nach Baliye.

Here, she admits that her past going-south experiences in romance also helped crystalize her above thoughts. “Having said that, I have no bad blood. Rather, such ups and downs teach you a lot about life,” added Charlie, last seen in KYY 3 on Voot.

Her fav genre is heart break and romance. “I love Gulzar Sahab’s works. Not being a professional, I use everyday Hindi and Urdu words, unlike the ornamental language you get in the classical world.”

Charlie further has no illusions about being a great writer. “I am just someone who likes to pen her thoughts on paper since school days.”

“The idea to make it formal sprouted on New Year’s day (2019) when I was doing an event with TV actor, Daljeet Kaur. I helped her with some lines which really impressed her. Then a few of my writer friends also pushed me by saying that you do have a creative side. I then decided to take the plunge.”

Although Charlie hopes to upload one new video every Monday, she is equally aware that it will not be a walk in the park. “But I am ready to give it my best shot. Even if I falter, my inner thoughts will have got a wider audience, so it is still a win win.”

Will your upcoming videos get bolder? “No such plans as of now, but let’s see, as risqué stuff does garner more eyeballs.”

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