Hina Khan is a strong, bold, and talented actress in the Hindi Television industry. In the article below, find out without whom Hina Khan can't live, check out

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Hina Khan is a heartthrob in the entertainment industry. She has ruled over millions of hearts with her style and acting. Other than that, the actress often makes it to the top headlines because of her beautiful personal life. While sometimes, you might wonder what is the thing or person the diva can’t live without. Read the article below to know.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fame actress was caught in a 59 seconds interview with Curly Tales Digital. The actress was eating that’s when the interviewer asked, ‘What are you eating?’ She replied, “Burger.”

The next question was, ‘How do you like people calling you? Sheer Khan Or Hina Khan.’ With a sarcastic expression, the diva said, “I like to stick to Hina.”

‘What’s the first thing you need as soon as you wake up.’ Without thinking much, Hina said, “My Phone.”

‘Three things Hina Khan live without?’ The actress replied, “My mother, my partner Rocky and I think my phone.

‘If you had to spend 24 hours in one place, What would it be?’ The diva said, “I think i have experienced Bigg Boss very well, let me stick to Bigg Boss, it’s easier.”

‘What would your last meal look like?’ she said, “Something full of protein.”

‘Your favorite vacation place,” Hina Khan said, “Maldives or London.”

‘Lastly, beaches of mountains,’ the actress said, “I have seen enough of mountains in my so i would prefer beaches.”

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