Rajshree Thakur who plays the lead role of Preeti in Star Plus’ Shaadi Mubarak gets into an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com.

Combination of experienced actors is the USP of Shaadi Mubarak: Rajshree Thakur

Rajshree Thakur who came to the limelight in the role of Saloni in Saat Phere: Saloni Ka Safar is back after a hiatus with Shaadi Mubarak, the Shashi Sumeet Productions show for Star Plus.

Rajshree who took a break to enjoy motherhood after her stint in Bharat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap is excited and overwhelmed to have made a comeback to TV with a role of substance.

In an exclusive conversation with IWMBuzz.com, Rajshree Thakur talks of her career, comeback, motherhood and much more.


How is it to have made a comeback to TV with Shaadi Mubarak?

It has been great. My comeback got me a wonderful role and great story. I had been getting offers, but nothing was really interesting. Preeti is a very nice character. I am blessed to be playing her.

It was rather unfortunate to start shoot amid the COVID situation. How did you take this in your stride?

Initially, our shoot got postponed because of COVID. It was very unusual and weird when it all started. Wearing masks on set and taking all the needed precautions were new to all of us. But now, it seems as though this is the new norm. It has become a habit now and we need to take care of our responsibility to keep ourselves safe. This has to be followed in the long run.

How different is working on TV now when compared to the days of Saat Phere?

For me, though I was out of sight for sometime, I never felt that I was out of the industry. I was so much into it. In fact, when I got back and shot for the first day, I did not feel that it is a new change in my life. The feeling when I got back was of facing the camera everyday.

Coming to the content, I will say that there has been lot of repetitive content coming. That was why I could not come back earlier. There are few shows on TV now which are different and unusual. It is important to cater to the audience with something new all the time.

What according to you is the USP of Shaadi Mubarak?

The combination of actors is the main USP of Shaadi Mubarak. Viewers never expected the actors seen in the show to come together. The casting of the old and experienced actors in the show, I would say is the main plus point of the show.

How is it working with Manav Gohil?

It is great!! We had earlier worked together when I entered his show for a cameo role. Manav is a jolly person, down-to-earth. It becomes easier for an actor when the co-actor is too co-operative. It was important for the good vibes to form between the two of us. And I get it from Manav. He is such a good person; it is great working with him.

The entire cast is fabulous to work with. The younger generation cast on the show is so very enthusiastic and eager to know more. They are very dedicated to their work.

Combination of experienced actors is the USP of Shaadi Mubarak: Rajshree Thakur 3

Your scenes with Rajeshwari Sachdev are simply amazing.

Yes, I enjoy working with her. On the set, we are always together. She is a fabulous actor.

How much do you relate to the character of Preeti?

I do relate with Preeti a lot. Preeti has the tendency of taking up responsibilities well; she does not know to be loud to others. I am very straight just like Preeti. Preeti likes to stay to herself. I am also an introvert and keep to myself.

What is your take on woman empowerment and women standing tall to earn respect?

I think it is very important for a woman to respect herself first of all. This realization is less in Indian women. Women have been taught that they are made to make the home of their man. They need to know to find happiness for themselves. Times are changing and so is the woman of today. Every woman should know to make her life better.

How and when did you think of getting back to acting?

As I said, I was offered many shows earlier. But I did not want to take them as there was a lot of repetition in concepts. After my stint in Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap, I was being offered more of the historical roles. I did not want to repeat myself. When I was offered this role, I felt it was perfect enough for me to get back.

Combination of experienced actors is the USP of Shaadi Mubarak: Rajshree Thakur 2

How has motherhood treated you?

My daughter is very small, she is three. I feel bad to find myself on the set more now. When I am at home, I make sure I spend all my time with her. I have become very sensitive after becoming a mother. Motherhood has also made me very calm. My patience levels have increased.

What kept you busy in all these years when you were away from TV?

It has all been about my family. Well during lockdown, I tried my hand at gardening and learning more about plants. I put up many plants in my house garden.

You look the similar stunning self as you were during the Saat Phere days. Any secret to this?

(laughs) I think good diet and Yoga has kept me fit. Also this lockdown has made me work a lot more at home (smiles).

How satisfied are you with your comeback now?

I am very happy to see the graph of the character growing. Shaadi Mubarak has made me very happy. It is a very beautiful concept of a woman wanting to explore her capabilities and becoming independent. As the story progresses, I am sure I will have many more challenges in the role. The role is giving me all the satisfaction.

What is the kind of response you have got from your fans?

There has been a very good response. They have been very happy from the time they got to know that I am working again. There has been only good vibes coming for the show.

Your message to fans will be

The love you have showered on me when I was doing Saat Phere and Maharana Pratap, I request to have the same and more love now. I am sure you all will love me in the role of Preeti in Shaadi Mubarak.

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