Anjali Anand, of Dhhai Kilo Prem fame gets into a frank conversation with

If you are confident about your body and role, you will rock it with or without clothes: Anjali Anand

Times are certainly changing and today, plus-sized girls also have no qualms about showing skin on screen.

Dhhai Kilo Prem fame actress Anjali Anand’s views go like this. “If it is a great script helmed by a respectable production house and if the story demands it, why not. Who says only slim girls look good while exposing? If you are confident about your body and the concerned role, you will rock it with or without clothes.”

Anjali is quite comfortable in her skin. “I put on weight for the above role and will shed some kilos for another offer. I know girls of my size don’t get work easily, but that is the fault of the western looking society which puts premiums on looks. Even our yesteryear beauties like Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla and Rekha were not very slim, yet they were loved for their quintessential Indian frame. ”

Anjali who has already done Untag for Voot, is considering few more web scripts. “I like the digital format for it offers something different. TV is still stuck in old concepts. It is good to see young filmmakers taking risks in western type shows and succeeding as well. Online entertainment is the medium of the future.”

The actress goes on, “I am confident of my abilities, hence will not take up a fat girl role, of a character who does not get anywhere in life. I am ready to wait it out. Did I not get Dhhai Kilo Prem which again was a powerful role? Agreed it did not do well, but for reasons we all know about. I don’t really lose sleep over destiny, and believe that something better is on the anvil.”

Unlike most girls, she does not really covet getting slim as well, “For being made differently I will not look like most TV bahu’s irrespective of any efforts on my part. I rather work on my acting and other skills.”

Way to go, girl!!

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