IWMBuzz.com gets into an exclusive conversation with the leads of Zee TV’s Yeh Teri Galliyan, produced by Cinevistaas.

Zee TV’s popular show Yeh Teri Galliyan produced by Cinevistas has been going strong. While the kid phase in the story gave the concept a good momentum to start with, the post leap phase has taken the story further with the introduction of the leads Avinash Mishra and Vrushika Mehta.

Avinash and Vrushika as a Jodi have hit it well with viewers in quick time. They look amazing together and their onscreen chemistry has been commendable.

In an exclusive chit-chat with IWMBuzz.com, Avinash Mishra and Vrushika Mehta talk about their roles, the show and much more…


Avinash, how and why did you choose this role and show?

It is a very different role when compared to the roles I have done earlier. I have never played an angry young man. I have played nice, genuine characters. In Ishqbaaaz, it was a grey shaded character. This is a very positive and strong character and it is fascinating. And somewhere it is quite emotional and connecting too.

Were you apprehensive of not being the first selected choice for the role?

Avinash: No, never. I was part of Mariam Khan when that happened. So it is fine.

Vrushika, how did you go through the wait phase when the story revolved around the child story?  And how did the talk happen to get back again after being relieved from the show?

The kids were doing a very great job. I have seen their episodes and the TRP was also good. The smaller Puchki played by Ruchi Mahajan was so cute. For me to portray Puchki’s character after watching her, was a challenge in itself.

As I came back, I got to know that the role has gotten stronger with her becoming a cop. Also, I get the opportunity to dance as well. There are a lot of action sequences too which you all can watch very soon. Overall, I was excited to get into the role. This is very different from whatever I have played till now.

This is the first time into action for me. I punched a person for the first time (laughs). The experience of learning the art is amazing.

Avinash and Vrushika, tell us about the USP of the show?

Avinash: Every element is present in the show. We have the emotional connect, friendship, family bonding, love etc. So we have everything that a family show will need to have. So according to me, this is the USP of the show.

Vrushika: I feel the story from Sonagachi encourages people who live there to move on and go ahead in life. Puchki never wanted to be in Sonagachi. So this show is her journey. I feel we are sending out a message to people.

In conversation with Yeh Teri Galliyan’s lead Jodi – Avinash Mishra and Vrushika Mehta

How does it feel to be part of a very different love tale?

Avinash: It is amazing, because this is a love-hate relationship. Shan is a very rich guy and Asmita is a cop. There is a gap in their upbringing wherein Shantanu has lived a lavish life and Asmita has had a normal upbringing. Getting into a love angle, people love the chemistry between the two.

Vrushika: From childhood, Puchki and Shantanu are made for each other. They say opposites attract and this holds good for them. There have been many instances where Shantanu has been emotional and Puchki has managed to handle him. Even now, it is seen. Their attitude is very much similar as both of them stand for their own point. This gives rise to the ‘tashan’ caused by the different classes they belong to. He is from London and she is a normal Indian girl. And this will certainly be a good watch.

Avinash, how easy or different was it to get into the skin of the angry young man Shantanu?

It is never easy to get into a character. I had to get into the skin of a Bengali character which was a challenge. And then to be an angry young man on screen needed preparation. I watched few movies and did few workshops to get into the skin of the character.

Are there any comparisons to your real self when it comes to your on-screen character, Avinash?

No. Shantanu is a very angry person. He is desperate to do things his way. I am not like that.

Vrushika, like Shantanu, Puchki’s characteristics have also gone through a sea-change. How is it to play the newer version of the character?

Before she was Puchki and now she is Asmita. The journey from Puchki to Asmita has been really challenging and difficult. She has her own reasons to hide her identity. But she gets back into her normal self when she has Shantanu in front of her. As Asmita, she is a strong girl, very confident. So there are several situations where she has to tackle things well. I am completely opposite to Puchki as well as Asmita. I have a little bit of Puchki in me, wherein I am also very lively. As for me, the Director is the Captain of the ship. So when I go on the set, Avinash and I completely go by his word. While shooting, we also get excited to know what’s coming ahead in the lives of Shantanu and Puchki.

The show has been gaining in numbers post the leap. How has the personal feedback been for you both?

Avinash: According to me, the love story is very impactful for the audience. People love the love story and the ongoing tashan between them. The story is having an engrossing track now wherein Asmita knows that the guy is Shantanu. But Shantanu is unaware of the fact that Asmita is Puchki. This is a very nice track to play upon.

Vrushika: I am doing a daily soap after a year or so. This is a big comeback for me. We have got a good response, and it really motivates me. The response makes me be more dedicated to my work. I don’t want to think much at the moment. I want this journey to go on. The love and support of my fans really matter to me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Avinash, as an actor what is it that you look for when you are choosing a certain role?

The character has to be strong and should have a strong impact on the story. Irrespective of me playing negative or positive, I need that strength in the character that I am playing.

Vrushika, your look and charm does not bracket you in the category of the normal heroines on TV. Do you agree to this? What helps you maintain this?

I just feel that being unique and different is the best thing you can ask for and make you stand out. I will take this as a compliment (laughs). But the main thing is because I am playing a cop. I have to be soft when I am in front of Shantanu. And I need to be tough in other professional situations. So I am getting to play both shades and I cannot have asked for more.

In conversation with Yeh Teri Galliyan’s lead Jodi – Avinash Mishra and Vrushika Mehta 1

How is it for you both to work with Zee TV and with Palki?

Vrushika: Because of Palki Mam, I am here. The bond with her is amazing. It has been so many years. From 2012, we have known each other. Again to work with Palki Mam, Cinevistas and the whole team is something great. There is no single day when we don’t talk about D3. With Zee TV, I have earlier does Satrangi Sasural. It feels like a family with the channel.

The love triangle in the plot of Yeh Teri Galliyan has been beautifully placed. What is in store for viewers?

Avinash: We will have lot of love and hate relationship and chemistry to look forward to.

The leap has brought in more of the younger audience into the story line with you both and Lavin doing a great job. What have you to say?

Avinash: Yes, the TRP charts have been showing us the results. Our ratings are increasing. So there cannot be a happier moment than this.

What are your expectations from the show and role?

Avinash: I don’t expect anything. I need to be happy with my performance, and that’s it. As for the love of fans, we will expect them to shower us all the more with their love.

Vrushika: For me, the happy moment is that I am back working again. I had done a web-series in between, but doing TV is a different ball game altogether. Expectation is to give in a lot of hard work. And that is what the entire team of Yeh Teri Galliyan has been doing. We will try and give our best.

The chemistry between you two is growing. How have you gelled off the screen?

Avinash: We have been having a great time.

Vrushika: I want to mention that Avinash is a great foodie (laughs). He can eat anything and everything. On a serious note, there is a bond that has developed between us. We support and help each other. We have become very good friends in quick time. We enjoy working together.

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