Mohit Malik the lead of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is happy as his show completes 1 year today.

Credit for the success of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala goes to the entire team: Mohit Malik on Kulfi Kumar Bajewala completing one year

Mohit Malik is an elated man today with his show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala on Star Plus completing one year.

The show produced by Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkayasstha is a musical drama that has given viewers a very realistic and emotional tale of a father and daughter aspiring to get together to lead a life which is complete.

Says Mohit, “It has been one year of telecast for Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. It has been an amazing feeling. As an actor, I always knew that this show will work and grow. This show was my comeback too to TV. Honestly speaking, I was never nervous about the show not doing well. It had to work as it came with a great storyline.”

“The show has given me a lot. I have improved as an actor. I have grown as a human being. The feeling of completing one year has not sunk in for me. Everyone on the set is happy today. I am thankful to God for giving me this show. I am thankful to him for providing me with the energy needed to carry out the role of Sikandar Singh Gill,” he adds.

Mohit is full of praise for all in the team. “I thank my Producers Gul Mam and Nilanjana Mam for creating a show like this. I am amazed to get the messages I get from fans and viewers. They make me smile always. The credit for the success of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala goes to the entire team. I hope the great run continues for a long time. I will like to thank Herumb Khot Sir, all in the cast and my lovely kids in the show,” adds Mohit.

Talking about Aakriti Sharma and Myra Singh, Mohit states, “They are my life. Ek dil hai toh ek jaan hai. They love me and I love them a lot.”

“This is the only show which has given close to 150 original compositions till now. I thank Nakash Aziz who has given me voice. I thank Rashi Harmalkar for giving voice to Kulfi. I thank Sargam (provides music), Divy Sharma (dialogues), Faizal Akhtar (screenplay) and all who are involved in the team. Special thanks to Nilanjana for writing it the way she has written. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is her brainchild. And above all I thank our Director Pradeep Jadhav for standing tall and taking the team forward,” exclaims Mohit.

Enjoy the achievement, savor the moment and continue the great work, Mohit!!

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