Mitaali Nag the talented actress who plays the role of Devyani in Star Plus’ Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin gets into an exclusive conversation.

Devyani in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is a landmark role in my career: Mitaali Nag

Mitaali Nag the talented actress has always picked up roles that are author-backed and challenging. Mitaali who is even now known for her lead portrayal in Afsar Bitiya is presently playing the mentally challenged character of Devyani in Star Plus’ popular show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin. The show produced by Cockrow and Shaika Entertainment turned out to be the numero uno show as per the BARC ratings last week.

Ask Mitaali about her favorite phase in the show, and she states, “Both the phases of Devyani, that is before marriage and post her wedding have its own beauty and exciting moments. Practically speaking, the before-wedding look of Devyani had an easier dressup when compared to the present one. The good thing about this phase is its look. Performance-wise, both have been really exciting. There was a different challenge in the earlier phase, and now the challenges are even more exciting.”

Tell Mitaali that the show is being loved by one and all, and ask her to zero in on the selling factor of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin and she quips, “I would definitely give the story of the show the maximum points. That’s what is keeping the audience hooked. But yes, I think if you see the ensemble cast, every actor and every character are really very good in their parts. That again goes in the favour of the show. Also, the protagonist of our show is very relatable; there are a lot of girls and ladies who get inspired by her. So overall, everything is working in our favor. Our direction is also splendid. Touchwood, by God’s grace, all is going well.”

Ask her if she bonds really well with Ayesha Singh, Mitaali accepts it and explains, “I have most of my scenes with Ayesha. So I bond really well with her.  However, from the time we are shooting outdoor, I am getting to spend a lot of time with all the actors. Now, I can say that all of them are really good. Definitely, Ayesha is one who I have bonded really well on and off the screen. Neil and Aishwarya happen to be old friends of mine. Back in Mumbai, I used to lunch with Neil and Aishwarya. They are definitely dear friends. The outdoor schedule has made us one big family, a happy joint family. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together. We socialize a lot even after shoot.”

Mitaali who has worked with some amazing co-stars that also include Kinshuk Mahajan, Yash Tonnk etc, says, “I am blessed to have great co-stars. I have had great chemistry with all my co-stars. Yash Pandit is definitely one of them; he’s fallen into the legacy. It is really amazing to shoot with him. Touchwood, fans like our chemistry. They have started calling our Jodi as #DevKit (Devyani and Pulkit). Yash is a very easy-going actor.”

Ask her about the roles that excite her, and Mitaali states, “I got my break with Afsar Bitiya. Krishna Raj is definitely an iconic role till now. I feel that all the roles that I take are important for me. However, Devi is a landmark in my career. In television, you don’t get to play such roles frequently. I am doing my best to make it real, relatable, and believable. I am glad that I am able to achieve it in the way I have always wanted to. The audiences love Devi.”

Ask her how tough it is to leave family and shoot in outdoor locations and Mitaali tells us, “We are shooting outdoor now, due to the restrictions to shoot in Mumbai. But thankfully for me, I have been able to take my little boy with me (smiles). Well, he stays in the hotel room when I am shooting. When I am not shooting, I spend all my time with him. I take him down to play football; we also play with his toys. His schools are not open; so I have been able to manage it very well. Thankfully, the production and channel have been kind enough to have him with me.”

On the kind of roles she looks for, Mitaali avers, “The roles that inspire people to do something good inspire me. Also, the roles that make me explore myself as an actor excite me. I have not done comedy as such, so I want to explore that side. Or for the matter of fact, the romantic side.”

Mitaali will love to be part of the web projects. “Yes, I am game for web. The web is the first step towards movies. Also, the content there is amazing.”

Lastly, she has a message for her loving fans. “We are doing our best to keep you entertained. Thank you so much for showering all the love on us. Just keep doing that!! Stay negative, stay at home, take care of yourselves and help people as much as you can in these hard times!!”